Buyer's Guide

Whether a First-Time Buyer or An Experienced Investor, I Take a Full-Spectrum Approach to Understand Your Needs. 


Step 1: Your Goals

Your goals and hesitations, both immediate and long-term, are the launching point in our collaboration. As a client, you stay updated on the changing real estate trends as we route the best path to success — and pivot as needed.

Each area and price point has different dynamics, and GHC uses statistics, analytics, and personal relationships to ensure you are positioned properly.

We determine your areas of interest and set up a RealScout home search and consider your wish list. You will receive detailed information including contract samples and disclosures, and any referrals to lenders, allowing you to review and ask questions at leisure.


Step 2: Market Education Day

Building a trusting relationship between the client and broker is essential. Before we commit to collaborating, let us go see some homes, chat, and determine if we have a good flow in the home search relationship!

Your best interest is always at the forefront, and this entails full transparancy from the beginning. 

As we progress in the home search, a mutually committed relationship through an Exclusive Right to Buy agreement allows the broker to serve as your fiduciary. Here, the broker and buyer roles for success are outlined, along with how GHC is compensated.


Step 3: Analysis & Data

Once you find a home and area you connect with, you will receive a comparative market analysis (CMA) that helps you evaluate your price and terms. From here, we can determine the best strategy for your offer to be accepted.

We will consider your financial and life goals and how these align with the offer price. 

Together we will go over the pros and cons of each approach while learning what’s important for all involved parties, setting you up for success. From there, you can determine if writing an offer feels appropriate.

View a sample CMA



Step 4: Path To Closing

Along with the GHC team, we will provide explanations, reminders and guidance for all dates and deadlines. You will receive an outline to follow the contract phases and the steps towards closing, ensuring you feel fully knowledgeable about your investment process.

We leave little to chance, and clarity is essential when your money and lifestyle are at stake.

Collaboration from all parties makes for a smoother transaction and negotiating for you starts “before the pen on paper.” GHC has built great relationships with other agents, and this trust helps the clients on all fronts as we progress towards a Happy Closing!

Believe in Possibility. Together We Can Solidify a Path to Your Investment Goals. 

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Whether you are selling or buying for a life change or investment purpose, the key is analyzing your desires and clearing a path to them.

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